New year, new specimen…

I wish you all a happy new year!

Being currently in Greece, I found this little (unirradiated-blue) local beauty, which never leaves me.

My experience with *red garnet*

Garnet belongs to the group of silicates. Two families exist:

  • aluminous garnets, also called pyralspites, including pyrope, almandine and spessartine garnets, with intermediate varieties.
  • calcic garnets, also called ugrandites, including uvarovite, grossular and andradite garnets, with intermediate varieties.

The aluminous garnets are among my favorite stones.

Red garnet is an excellent grounding stone and enables me to be more focused on what surrounds me, especially my relatives and my environment. I am more in the moment and I leave less room for superficial things. Garnet brings joy, vitality, determination and stability, sublimates passionate love and helps to overcome obstacles.

My experience with *kunzite*

Kunzite belongs to the group of silicates. It is a variety of triphane.

The properties of kunzite are according to me very similar to the ones of rose quartz. This stone soothes excessive emotions (fear, anger, etc.), and helps to take a step back from our relational problems (friendship/love/family), de-dramatize and put things into perspective.

Its relaxing effect also helps to increase our perspicacity and strengthen our reflexes.

Yellow triphane and kunzite.

My favorite e-shops

I compiled a short list of my favorite suppliers of jewels and raw or polished stones.


The owner of the shop offers a wide choice of stones in different forms, as well as jewels (pendants and bracelets). I discovered her shop via her YouTube channel (of the same name), which is very complete on minerals.

The Citrine Circle

Managed by the couple Emma and Stu, this UK-based shop is rich in specimens of very high quality.

Aurore Lune

The particularity of this shop is its universe. Céline offers handmade and very elegant jewels, in addition to raw, polished or carved stones.

Lapidibus Shop

Based in Luxembourg, this shop offers a wide choice of stones. I love it because you can place customized jewelry orders and the result is simply gorgeous.

Visit of the Clamouse’s cave

The South of France is rich in mineral wonders and the Clamouse’s cave is part of them. I am sharing with you these few photos of stalagtites, stalagmites, columns, draperies and aragonite crystals:

My experience with *celestite*

Celestite belongs to the group of sulfates and is sky blue.

This stone brings kindness and eases tensions to promote a better communication. I use it in case of any headache or transient pain. Due to its mothering energy, it is also perfect for kids.